I host a radio show on the internet along with an international collective of independent artists. The show is called Creot Radio. Each week the show is hosted by a different artist in a different city. Shows have been hosted in Minneapolis, New York, LA, London, Dublin, Adelaide, Seattle, San Fransisco, Austin, Ithaca, Jacksonville, and Chicago to name a few. The show is primarily a music show, but it is about more than just music. It is about a community. I am very proud to be participating. This is a directory of all the shows I have hosted to date...

japanime Volume 1 was a very special episode of Creot Radio because well it was the first one. When I first brought up the idea of Creot Radio, everyone thought it was geigh. But after Volume 1 and Dwulby's cool monster truck ad, it caught on like wildfire.Part 1, Part 2, iTunes Volume 35 is where I introduce my friend, Beth Metal. Beth is a true artist and a metalsmith to boot. (Did I mention that she makes custom jewelry?) This is the show where we ponder the true meaning of butt rock, and her definition will SHOCK YOU.Part 1, Part 2, iTunes
Volume 8 is the Mother's Day Special featuring guest visits from a couple of our MOM's. Creotians have a very special place in their hearts for their mom's...in case you didn't know. So Mother's Day is a very special holiday in Creot.Part 1, Part 2, iTunes For Volume 39, Rigsby had some sort of mass computer failure and I filled in at the Last Minute. It features a creotian stream of consciousness instrumental segment. As well as a track from Wormwood's Starvation CD (before it was released and Minneapolis band, Cloud Cult as well as Radical Face. Part 1, Part 2, iTunes
Volume 26 is Retro Creot. It is also the premiere of Season Two. It is also one of the most highly downloaded episodes of Creot Radio. People like their oldies, I guess. Kinda like how they never got over Fleetwood Mac in Tulsa.Part 1, iTunes Volume 52: Sociomusicology with Ben Siems is a musical journey of sorts. One where we encounter everything from Delta blues to Brittney Spears (in happier days). This is also my first interview show, but it features music as well including a live in studio performance.Part 1, Part 2, iTunes
Volume 29 is Mystery Creot where we explore the far reaches of the Creotian psyche and wonder who the hell this Frank guy is who died on my answering machine. This is also when I get my new organ that Inverse picked out for me on eBay. Part 1, Part 2, iTunes Volume 55: Take Me Back to Tulsa isn't really about Tulsa. But it is about stripping down to one's very essence. Less Talk. More Rock. There is some really great music on this show. Origami Ghosts, Puppy Egg, Eskimo, Brothers Quetico, Molly Maher, I Make This Sound, ah hell. You should just listen to it.Part 1, iTunes
Volume 66 Now that Paris is in jail, Dennis and I are taking over as the new tabloid queens with some fabulous creotian music chronicalling our friendship including the now defunct Roh Delikat the Shirley Rolls, the Monolators, and MORE. Part 1, iTunes